Sit Down and Have Some Tea

Tea_CupAlone in the lab, physically and emotionally drained on this particular night, I was also facing a hostage situation involving a precious protein sample. It wasn’t really a hostage situation, but the sample had been taken up and withheld against my fading will. The stakes were high, and my stress level even higher. Continue reading

Whose Work Is It Anyway?

My next post (on art and writing) has been written for a while now. It’s been sitting here on my computer, and it’s ready to go. So what’s the hold up? Well, to illustrate the main point of my post, I had relied on some effective but copyright-protected material from a book, and I am still in the process of Continue reading

The “Good Stuff” Folder

GoodStuff_StarsCatch a falling star and put it in your… folder. About ten years ago I started the habit of migrating special emails into a folder called “Good Stuff”—emails that had, for one reason or another, made my day. Although I don’t remember the exact motivation behind this idea, there are indeed “rainy days” when all I need is Continue reading

Honeymoon in Japan (Part 3)

As different as Sendai was from Tokyo, Kyoto offered yet another kind of atmosphere. It seemed to have more temples than Tokyo (which I didn’t think was possible), and was closer to what I think of when I hear “traditional Japanese.” This all makes sense, however, knowing that Kyoto once was the capital of Japan.

In Kyoto, we found some of the same interesting things Continue reading

A Semester to Remember

Get new school ID. Check. Have course materials ready. Check. Find my classroom… Navigating among a sea of unfamiliar faces, I couldn’t help but grow increasingly nervous. Someone pushed me aside from behind as he ran by. “Watch out, kiddo!” he breathed, before marching into Room 112. That was my destination this morning as well. I took a deep breath and adjusted my gait. Show time. I walked in Continue reading

Honeymoon in Japan (Part 1)

Mike couldn’t wait to take me to Japan someday. He had already spent a summer in Sendai at Tohoku University, and given his first conference talk at Tokyo Tech—in Japanese. Japan as a nation had left a profound impression on him, one that he was convinced I had to experience for myself. Therefore, after being together for six years, our honeymoon became the perfect excuse to finally fly out to the Land of the Rising Sun. Continue reading

Arizona 2011

We are expecting up to 35 cm of snow (14 in) between today and tomorrow, with temperatures between -11ºC and -21ºC (12ºF and -6ºF, respectively). That’s chilly, even by Boston standards, so I figured we could pull up a few warm memories from a 2011 trip to Arizona.

That was my first time in Phoenix, and Continue reading

How I Passed Organic Chemistry II

Orgo_ReactionFor many college students, the words “Organic Chemistry” evoke the same emotions as “root canal”—a 14-week-long root canal. To be fair, there are students who will find their calling during this semester and we should be happy for them. In the meantime, how do we prevent this course from destroying our GPAs? How can we Continue reading