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Honeymoon in Japan (Part 3)

As different as Sendai was from Tokyo, Kyoto offered yet another kind of atmosphere. It seemed to have more temples than Tokyo (which I didn’t think was possible), and was closer to what I think of when I hear “traditional Japanese.” This all makes sense, however, knowing that Kyoto once was the capital of Japan.

In Kyoto, we found some of the same interesting things Continue reading

Honeymoon in Japan (Part 1)

Mike couldn’t wait to take me to Japan someday. He had already spent a summer in Sendai at Tohoku University, and given his first conference talk at Tokyo Tech—in Japanese. Japan as a nation had left a profound impression on him, one that he was convinced I had to experience for myself. Therefore, after being together for six years, our honeymoon became the perfect excuse to finally fly out to the Land of the Rising Sun. Continue reading