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My Staff

At my job’s end-of-semester meeting, I was asked what I was most proud of. “My staff!” was the first thing that popped in my head. The thought came as a flash, and after a moment of reflection, I confirmed out loud that I couldn’t think of anything other than, indeed, my staff.

JoinMIT_01Earlier this year, MIT’s Continue reading

Sit Down and Have Some Tea

Tea_CupAlone in the lab, physically and emotionally drained on this particular night, I was also facing a hostage situation involving a precious protein sample. It wasn’t really a hostage situation, but the sample had been taken up and withheld against my fading will. The stakes were high, and my stress level even higher. Continue reading

Whose Work Is It Anyway?

My next post (on art and writing) has been written for a while now. It’s been sitting here on my computer, and it’s ready to go. So what’s the hold up? Well, to illustrate the main point of my post, I had relied on some effective but copyright-protected material from a book, and I am still in the process of Continue reading

A Semester to Remember

Get new school ID. Check. Have course materials ready. Check. Find my classroom… Navigating among a sea of unfamiliar faces, I couldn’t help but grow increasingly nervous. Someone pushed me aside from behind as he ran by. “Watch out, kiddo!” he breathed, before marching into Room 112. That was my destination this morning as well. I took a deep breath and adjusted my gait. Show time. I walked in Continue reading