About Me

ProfileMarina Dang is the nationally acclaimed author of three bestsellers, and has recently appeared on The Today Show… Just kidding.

I’m just Marina, and in Reflections you will find a collection of stories, images, how-to tidbits, and random thoughts that will hopefully leave you smiling, maybe pondering, or at least content enough with your short break before returning to work.

Who this site is for

My primary goal is to create a repository of stories and photos to entertain my family and friends, here in Boston and beyond. In that regard, this blog isn’t a “true” blog focused on any one particular topic. In addition to keeping my loved ones engaged through my fuzzy thoughts, the online format allows them to skip any boring stuff without feeling too guilty (only my step-mom finds all my pictures aww-worthy).

Obviously, no password is required to unlock the content of this site, so anyone can come by and take a peek. If you’re one of my former teachers, students, colleagues, or neighbors, definitely say “Hello.” If we haven’t met, and you randomly found this site and feel like sticking around, that’s awesome! Thank you and welcome!

Why subscribe?

At this time, I can only afford to post new content every two or three weeks. By subscribing and confirming your subscription from your inbox, you’ll be notified the moment a new post has been published. If you are concerned about privacy, know that subscribing to this site does not make your email address public.

What I believe

Each one of us is an intricate and unique canvas of life stories shaped by our strengths and limitations, aspirations and realities, and very often circumstances beyond our control. As complex as I believe my life is, so is yours, as well as the lives of everyone around us. We are first-person narrators, and through an ever-evolving network of human connections, every encounter is a chance to start a new chapter. Knowing that we have the potential to alter each other’s stories is both humbling and empowering. Some of my posts will be dedicated to people who have left a mark in my life.

Seven things about me

  1. I was born in Vietnam and grew up in France.
  1. I learned English with the British accent but the movie Dead Poets Society (seen in its original version) inspired me to try and sound American. I still fall back to sounding French when I’m tired.
  1. My journal entries span across a period of sixteen years (so far). Apparently, if you want your physical notes to last forever, you should use Clairefontaine paper.
  1. I started selling portraits in college to pay for textbooks.
  1. I married my first and only boyfriend.
  1. I took the Myers Briggs personality test when I was 18 and later at age 25. I came out INFJ both times. I took it again just now, and I’m ISTJ. Hum…
  1. No matter where I’ve gone traveling, there’s something about being back in Boston that says this is where I belong.
Header image adapted from “Stained Glass Star” by Jkerrigan (GL Stock Images)